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Finance doesn't suck.

You just need a little koaching.

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Stop winging it

If you don't have an intimate relationship with your finances, you're winging it. The koach app is like a love doctor repairing your broken relationship with money so you can start living passionately.
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Learn awesome skills

Financial skills are like super powers. They can help you leap large buildings, break through walls, and see into the future.
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We've got your back

Need a financial body guard? A personal koach can save you from the big bad wolves, but let's be honest, you really just need us to save you from yourself.
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How does it work?

We combine the brain power of technology with the heart of a human to help you accomplish your goals.

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  • Take the class and get your finances in order
  • Work with your Koach to develop a personal Financial Strategy
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Who is Koach?

Koach is a faith based non-profit 501(c)3 organization that helps people use finance to live life with a purpose. We want to change the way people view and manage money in order to create a better world for everyone.

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