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Create a financial plan

Planning is key to financial success. You have to know how much is coming in and how much is going out. The Koach App not only allows you to group your expenses by category, but it also helps you differentiate between bills and non-bills so that you can see how much money you actually have to manage each month.

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Track expenses & stick to the plan

We know... tracking expenses doesn't sound like fun, but manully recording your transactions will help hold you accountable and force you to confront your financial situation head on.

Investing a small amount of time each day to track your expenses can make a huge difference to your finances. We're talking like 2 minutes per day people. You can do it!

Break the paycheck to paycheck cycle

Have you ever had to pay a bill late, overdraft your bank account, or borrow money to get you through to the next check? If so, you've experienced a cash flow problem. Cash flow is simply the timing of money coming in and going out.

Easily plan out your cash flow and you'll quickly see which expenses are giving you the most problems so that you can take action and never have to worry about having enough money in the bank to pay the bills again.

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Eliminate debt

When you organize your debt balances, interest rates, and group them by "type", you can begin to make a solid debt repayment strategy. The Koach App makes managing your debts easy and straightforward so that you never have to worry about "missing something."